The Neighborhoods of Blackwood

Neighborhood objects were created by the same people who implemented the streets.

Street People Assignment

Your job is to create the neighborhood objects for the simulation. Note that some of you have two! (sorry). Each neighborhood must have a set of property values assigned to them. The procedure should be as follows:

  • @create an object that is child to $g.hood
  • assign the appropriate values to your neighborhood's properties
    • .rent (integer) - the cost to occupy a home or store for a week
    • .streets - list of streets in the neighborhood
    • .size - the {x, y} dimensions of a hood in pixels (ignore this)
    • .population (integer) - the number of people living in a hood
    • .consumer_population - a list of ordered triples
      {consumer group object, group name string, percent population}
      there must be a row for every consumer group, and percents must be integers and must sum to 100 (see the Consumer Population Template).
  • The definitive lists are on the Consumer Group page and the Products page.

  • Blackwood Mine
  • The Hill Country
  • The North Side
  • The Farm Country
  • The Western Outpost
  • The Open Range
  • Riverside
  • The Forest
  • The South Side
  • The West Side
  • Lumber Town
  • Fort Wood Trading Post

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