First Blackwood Server Assignment (100 pts)

Create a character in the Blackwood simulation,

  1. go underground through the Wishing Well in the Park,
  2. find your Ante Room (refer to instructions given in class if you cannot find it),
  3. 'dig' a workspace for yourself, and
  4. send a report detailing your work to the relevant official.

You accomplish this by following the instructions, in the sequence detailed below.

  1. Log on to the Blackwood MOO
    Port: 7777
    Use either
    • a standard telnet client (as used in the example at First Transcript)
    • the MacMOOSE client if it is installed in the Mac clusters in the IACC, or if you use a Mac at home
    • the tkmoo-light client if it is installed in the PC clusters in the IACC, or if you use a PC at home
    • Note: to get copies of these freeware clients, MacMOOSE or tkmoo-light, in the clusters or elsewhere, go to The MooAdmin Page and follow the instructions.
  2. Create a character for yourself using the 'create' command
    Usage: create [new-player-name] [new-password]
    Use your NDSU email name (first.last) as your login name and your StudentID number as your password
  3. (5 pts) @describe yourself
  4. Find your Ante Room, either by using common sense, or according to the instructions given in class
  5. Execute the 'pgmr_me' verb to promote yourself to a programmer
    type 'help builder-index' and read useful information
  6. (20 pts) @dig a room for yourself (do this carefully)
    read 'help @dig' for assistance
    do NOT use a compass point as your exit name (10 pt deduction for this)
    do NOT dig your room in the wrong place (15 pt deduction)
  7. (10 pts) execute the 'addmyexits' verb to make your exit visible
  8. (10 pts) go to your new room and use @sethome to make this your home room (Note: this is demonstrated using the 'home' verb)
  9. (20 pts) @describe your exits, both in and out of the Ante Room (10 pts each).
  10. (20 pts) define @leave messages on your exits (10 pts each). You will want to read "help messages" to fully grasp this, the short summary is:
    The 'leave' message on an exit is printed to a player when they successfully use the exit to leave a room. To set the 'leave' message on the exit 'ParsnipFarm' from the current room, use the command
    @leave ParsnipFarm is "You wander towards the Parsnip Farm, with a leisurely gait, smelling the Parsnips as you roam."
  11. (5 pts) @describe your room in whatever (tasteful) way you choose
  12. (10 pts) @dig a back room for yourself (4 pts), describe it (2 pts), and describing the exits in (2 pts) and out (2 pts).
  13. Submit a report showing your work -- email to the TA
    This document should be clear and explicit about what points you have earned, and for what exactly.
    This will include claiming points for each of the individual actions, and pasting your 'evidence' into the document as proof: just the relevant information, not the entire transcript of your session -- a summary like you would turn in for a salary review.
    Note: The @audit command might be helpful

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