Suppliers in Blackwood

First, a question: Is there indeed a monument in the park?
    look ==> statue,  ... a monument to rugged individuals ... you can read
    read ==> list of CS 345/CS 426 students

Next Topic: Suppliers Assignment.

--> Decided on Supplier (objects, child of generic agent) for Street people
properties of:
    .cash (float)
    .supplier_open (0/1)
    .merchant_list (list of 1 (or more?) merchant objects)
    .products (list of models with volume (INT), price (FLOAT) pairs)
        example:-->       {  { #model, { { 1, 0.30} { 5, 0.28} }, [...] }

Which says: for this model, the unit price is $0.30, and the (volume discount) unit price for 5 or more is $0.28
Note: Prices from suppliers for each model should be set at some decent wholesale discount from the MSRP (stored in the .msrp property of each model).

    Question: How many?

    Three (3) Suppliers: for each Merchant type, where the supplier either concentrates on "High + Mid Quality" or "Bargain Quality" products. (you can see the "quality" of a model by looking at it's .features property).
For pedagogical purposes, ONE of the three suppliers should be BAD, in that they offer prices that are slightly high, and they DO NOT offer volume discounts. This BAD supplier can offer either High+Mid quality, or Bargain quality goods (but not both).

Streetpeople Assignments

BlacksmithBlacksmith Products (#661) has 10 models
Dry GoodsDry Good Products (#634) has 20 models
CartwrightCartwright Products (#637) has 8 models
Leather MakerLeather Products (#627) has 12 models
Stable OperatorStable Products (#670) has 8 models
WheelwrightWheelwright Products (#631) has 7 models
TailorTailoring Products (#626) has 17 models
Wood Lot OperatorWoodlot Products (#668) has 6 models