The Streets of Blackwood

The layout of Blackwood's streets was accomplished according to the following instructions.

  • Read and understand 'help @dig', 'help messages' and 'help exit-messages'
  • Use the Street table, below, and reference the Maps of Blackwood
  • Read the "Rules of the Roads" in the Layout of Blackwood material.
  • @dig streets and intersections for your part of the map.
    • Bear in mind that the boxes on the Town of Blackwood map represent neighborhoods, so you should create networks of rooms to give each box a spatial dimension
    • A box on the map can be several blocks in scope; for example, you could dig a room for "The 100 block of North Center Street", then dig a room for "The Corner of North Center Street and Flannagan Avenue", then "The 200 blook of North Center Street" or "The 100 block of West Flannagan Avenue" from there (and still be in the Old Business District)
    • Only use compass directions for exit names (north,n|south,s)
    • Please make Center Street and Main Avenue be regular and continuous, side streets can be anything
    • Good street names are trees, states, presidents (prior to 1880, of course), and things like that. Try to coordinate with the other Street People so that you don't overload names (i.e. we can't have an Elm Street running north/south in the Old Business District and an Elm Avenue running east/west in the Stockyards).
    • Describe the streets as though they had buildings, trees, etc. Be aware that other players will be @dig-ing stores and other businesses off these streets.
    • Use colorful language to describe your streets
    • Put descriptions on all rooms and all exits
    • @leave messages are a nice feature.

The regions of Blackwood were implemented according to the following list:

  1. North (and NW) from the Town Square
  2. East from the Town Square
  3. South from the Town Square (add a Cottage District, SE of the Wealthy Neighborhood, amidst the Forest and overlooking the River).
  4. West (and SW) from the Town Square
  5. The Lumber Town
  6. Fort Wood Trading Post
  7. Blackwood Mine (and the Hill Country on the way)
  8. Western Outpost (and the Rangeland on the way)

Modified: 23Jan99, 10Jan01
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