Images and Photographs in Blackwood

Thoughts on Images / Graphics (useful sources for finding photos & lineart)
  1. products --> catalogs.
  2. locations --> stores, landscapes, streets (all without people).
  3. people --> archive photos, catalog (mannequins), family photos.

Product People Images

The "product people" were given these instructions

  1. Create a transparent GIF of your product.
    • - use the Sears catalog or emulate the line drawing style - improvise something
    • - scale: 30 pixels == 1 foot
  2. name it with a DOS name (, ALL LOWER CASE with a '.gif' file extension
  3. upload to the blackwood directory of the www.cs server FTP instructions are below
  4. Create a transparent GIF of a human figure.
    • - Same scale as above (6 foot human == 180 pixels)
    • - These may be anything you choose (as long as it's period-authentic). For example, a farmer cut out of an old family photo, a drawing of your own, a figure scanned in from the Sears catalog, yourself! from one of those picture portrait gallery arcades, or doctored with your new photoshop skills.
    • - the PERFECT thing would be an image identifiable with your consumer group: a blacksmith, tailor, etc.
    • - These do NOT need to be in the Sears line drawing style, but they can be.

Street People Images

The "street people" were given these instructions.

  1. Obviously, a street scene
  2. A default image for each of your hoods
  3. same format as above except JPEG (.jpg) 600X250 pixels
  4. upload as above (procedure described below)

Major Note: these MUST be unencumbered images, either of your own making or copyright-free, or used with permission.

Instructions Common to both Product People and Street People

  • Assign the proper string to the .image_url property of the objects. Street people, room objects, Product people, products or consumer groups For example, if I upload 'mrshldln.gif' for the image of Marshall_Dillon, then I make the following assignment:
      > look me
        Marshall Matt Dillon is a wizard and a giant of a man:
          tall and rangy with broad shoulders and rugged good looks.
          He is carrying a six-gun in a low-slung holster
            he wears spurs on his boots
            and pinned on his chest is the silver star of a
    	U.S. Marshall.
        Marshall Dillon is the law in Blackwood - what he says, goes
        S/He is awake and looks alert.
      > #me
        => #2  (Marshall_Dillon)
      > ;#2.image_url
        => "defaultImage"
      > ;#2.image_url = "mrshldln.gif"
        => "mrshldln.gif"