Atmosphere Agents in Blackwood

The following atmosphere agents were implemented by the students in CS426 in 1999.

Generic Buffalo Hunter (#645) has 1 child
Army_Scout (#651) _
Jake, the dowser (#674) _
Generic Talker (#671) _
Prospector (#363) _
Street Performer (#407) _
Mac the Knife (#408) a knife/tool sharpener
Generic Fur Trapper (#1169) has 1 child
Herbal_Harry (#1171) a snake-oil salesman
a mule (#1176) owned by the prospector
mytalker (#1232) _
Otis (#1434) town drunk, ala Mayberry, who wanders the streets
Rosco (#1435) deputy marshall, finds Otis and puts him in jail
Ol'Red (#1450) _
Ms. Byron the schoolteacher (#1188) leads tours through town

Other ideas for atmosphere agents, not currently implemented, included: Mule Skinner, Bronco Buster

Atmosphere agents were intended to be both active and responsive, and could "talk" to players (and each other), according to this partial plan.

  • Every atmosphere agent will store strings to which they will respond in their .responses property.
    • The .responses property will be a list of strings
    • The .responses list will be at least 4 elements in length
      • First .responses element: a greeting
      • Second .responses element: an offer of goods or services
      • Third .responses element: acceptance of the offer in #2
      • Fourth .responses element: rejection of the offer in #2
      • Additional elements are optional
  • Every atmosphere agent will store strings with which they will respond in their .replies property.
    • There is a one-to-one correspondance between the .responses strings and the .replies strings
    • Code for a generic respond() verb is available at ...