Implement an Eliza Robot Prospector (part 1)

A prospector is "One who explores an area for mineral deposits or oil." ( The ultimate goal for this assignment is to employ artificial intelligence search techniques to find the Blackwood Silver Mine.

But first, you will need to create a new robot, modify it in substantial ways, program it to answer questions about itself, and set it in your new programmers room.

  1. (10 pts) Create a robot for yourself, and name it appropriately
    @create $bot named brian_slator3
    You now have brian_slator3 with object #3924 parent Generic Bot (#100)

    Note: you will need to create a $g name for your bot (10 pts - NO object numbers in code), as shown in class - in this example
    ;$g:add_dollarg_prop("brian_slator3", #3924)

  2. Type "look brian_slator3", and "@exam brian_slator3", and "help brian_slator3"

    ]] look brian_slator3

    You see a Turing Robot designed to interact in vigorous 'Eliza-like' conversation with other folks in its vicinity. It has key words, sentence patterns, random responses, and question responses - all user programmable. It has some ability to recognize where it is and to whom it is talking. Type @exam botname to see all the available commands. For detailed assistance in programming this bot type 'help botname'. For a discussion of the issues involved in testing machine intelligence see Turing's paper 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence'. To start up the bot, drop it, activate it, and say 'hi'. Please report bugs to ken/cdr@CollegeTown.

  3. Drop your robot in your content room and (10 pts) modify the description to personalize it (in a tasteful and non-offensive manner, of course)

  4. (30 pts) program your robot to greet visitors (15 pts) and remember who has visited (15 pts, giving a different greeting on subsequent visits - this will be covered in class - see the Online LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual for information)

  5. (15 pts) program your robot to answer 4 questions about itself

  6. (15 pts) program your robot to answer at least 4 other questions relating to silver mining.


Due according to the syllabus.

  1. Points assigned as detailed above (90 points)

  2. Style, elegance, comments, etc. including interesting robot behavior beyond the requirements listed above (10 points)

  3. Create a transcript that shows off all the functions you have created, and copy/paste that into an email message to the class TA.

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